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Our Work

Over the last few years of learning, researching, connecting, listening, and planning, we have developed our mission to fill the void of profound and catastrophic loss of family which unhoused people have suffered. Guided by people and organizations who have created successful, life-giving villages for formerly chronically unhoused people and intentional neighbors called to live along side them, we are delighted to be the first organization to establish this innovative approach in the state of Maine. The perfect incorporation of permanent supportive housing and intentional community will foster a restoration of hope, family, and love which are the most devastating causes of houselessness. 

Our Values

Inclusive Community:

We foster an inclusive and diverse community where every individual's background and identity are embraced and respected. 

Amplifying Voices:

We provide a platform for all voices to be heard, ensuring each person's perspective is valued and contributes to our collective growth. 

Safe and Welcoming Space:

We create a safe and welcoming environment where everyone can express themselves authentically without fear of judgment.  

Equality and Fairness:

We advocate for equality, working to eliminate biases and disparities based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. 

Collaborative Outreach:

We collaborate with other organizations and communities, building a network of support that extends beyond our borders.  

Educational Empathy:

Through education and awareness initiatives, we encourage empathy and understanding, helping individuals learn from diverse experiences. 

Accessible Support:

Our community is accessible to all, irrespective of financial constraints, ensuring no one is excluded from our mission of support and inclusivity.

4 Cornerstones

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Permanent Homes
in a cultivated space

A village of adequate, safe, permanent tiny homes are thoughtfully arranged around a centralized common space to foster community.

Intentional Neighbors

After a process of thoughtful conversation, training, and engagement with unhoused people in the community, "resource-full" people accept their call to change their way of living and dwell side by side with formerly unhoused people. 

Chat in the Courtyard
Community Garden

Purposeful work

Villagers share in taking care of their community. Opportunities to assist in maintaining or developing the village or learn a marketable trade will provide fair compensation.

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Supportive Friends

A cultivated team of peer and volunteer supportive friends honor and prioritize our Neighbors' meaningful

involvement within the village and greater community. They assist in connecting Neighbors to a network of community resources and accompany them on their journeys to meet their goals.

Helping a Disabled Friend
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