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Your donation supports and promotes a culture of abundant community with homeless people. 
Whether you share your time or your treasure with us, your generosity ensures our sustainability. Become a monthly donor or fill out a volunteer form today!

Builders & Sustainers

“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.” 

– Aesop


When you donate to Dignity First, you are choosing an act of kindness. Each Neighbor we have known has demonstrated to us the value of showing kindness or helping where we can. Through our outreach and relationship building, we have benefitted from relationships with our unhoused Neighbors. Watching them interact, listening to their stories, we have been privileged to see the support they provide to each other and how they advocate for each other's needs. Our Neighbors have so much to offer each other and the greater community. In sharing of ourselves, we have moved from a transactional approach to purposefully being in community with our unhoused Neighbors


Your donation will help us: 


Build a village of tiny homes intentionally planned with unhoused neighbors and community members who have been called to live in the supportive village we are creating. 


Cultivate intentional relationships, provide training and resources, and sustain this village. 


Donate today and see how your act of kindness can make a real impact in our community.   


By Mail

Checks made payable to Dignity First can be mailed to: 

Dignity First

109 State St. Ste 6

Bangor, Maine 04401


Give with Bing

Support Dignity First simply by searching on Bing when you join Microsoft Rewards for free. You'll earn points that are automatically donated to our cause. Click the button to take action!


Donate online through our secure Zeffy site:

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