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Who We Are

Dignity First is...

a 501c3 Housing First nonprofit in Bangor, Maine focused on addressing houselessness by creating safe, stable, permanent housing and building a support network which honors the dignity of unhoused people. Founded in 2019, Dignity First was built on the principal of neighbors caring for neighbors. Throughout our research, interaction with our community, guidance from many different people with varied experiences, we truly believe the cause of houselessness is not a loss of housing. It is the profound and catastrophic loss of family. When the strong connection and support of family is lost, the village MUST step in to fill that void.

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Dignity First is... 

a community effort. Our organization is founded on a solidarity, not charity, model. The deep sense of belonging and feeling valued is what all of us long for. We know those who are affected by houselessness are not exempt from this need. Their voices are critical in meeting their needs and ultimately their goals in life.


As an organization, we strive to honor and uphold the dignity of our unhoused neighbors. Our goal is to cultivate a village which provides the best chance for people to stay housed and begin to feel a sense of belonging again. 

Board of Directors

Jamie Beck

Executive Director

In 2023, Founder Jamie Beck became the Executive Director of Dignity First.  Having served as Board President, she is excited to transition to her new role in service to the mission of the organization. 

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